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A couple of years ago, I decided I wanted to start learning how to fish.  I had fished before as a kid but never was really interested in it.  I do not know why I decided to start fishing but I am glad I did.  Once I decided I wanted to learn about fishing, I wanted to learn as much as I could. 

One of the bad things about trying to learn how to fish when you are in your twenties is lack of information.  When you are younger you can always rely on your parents to teach you things but when you live one hundred miles away you cannot always do that.

Local bait-shops are a good source of info but can be somewhat intimidating for the newbie.  The old-timers that usually run bait-shops are helpful but usually expect you to know something about fishing.  It is also a little embarrassing standing in front of a bunch of good ole boys asking how to bait a hook. 

Luckily for the beginning fisherman, there is another resource out there.  On-line fishing forums are an excellent way to learn how to fish.  On-line fishing forums are great because you can interact with other members by asking questions and you can also learn at your own pace.

The good thing about on-line fishing forums are that most of them are localized to where you are fishing.  Most major lakes have some sort of on-line forum so all you have to do is a little Google searching to find one for you.

I learned everything from hot spots to access points by visiting fishing forums.  In the beginning, I would check in daily to read everything that I could about fishing.  The search option also helped me out if nobody was talking about a particular topic I was researching.

If you live in the Metro Detroit area like myself, I will share with you my two favorite websites.  The original fishing forum that I frequented was the Lake Saint Clair Network.  This site has everything you could think of about Lake Saint Clair.  The site features forums on everything from boating to hunting to fishing.

The fishing forum has a lot of good people on it that have a wealth of info.  Unfortunately, the quality of the posters have gone down in recent years.  A lot of the people on the site from when I first started are no longer there because of shenanigans that can easily pop up on-line.  However, the site recently went through some changes and is starting to get better.

I still check LSCN out from time to time but my new go to forum is the Michigan sportsman forum.  The Michigan sportsman forum is awesome because it not only talks about Lake Saint Clair but also most of the other waterways in Michigan.  The posters on Michigan sportsman forum do not put up with any bullying limiting the shenanigans but are not as eager to share hot spots as LSCN.

If you are interested in taking your fishing expertise to the next level, check out your local fishing forum on-line.  I have listed the two sites that I monitor but there are many more.  If you have a favorite site that you like, please feel free to share it in the comment section.  I will make sure to check it out.

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Blake said...

nothing like a good fishing forum for burning a couple "off the water" hours. wealth of information is out there for all who are open minded to listen

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