Homemade fajitas

There is nothing better than a good fajita dinner at your local Mexican restaurant.  Everything is good about a fajita dinner.  The taste, the smell, the hey, I'm the guy that ordered those fajita feeling.  However, fajita dinners have become a rarity to most of us during the current economic crisis.

Fortunately for the fajita lover in all of us, you do not need to pay thirteen bucks a pop for restaurant fajitas.  Homemade fajitas are just as good as the restaurant version.  By making fajitas at home, you can enjoy the same taste and smell.  You may even be able to talk your loved ones in to making a big deal when they are served...

To make homemade fajitas you need to start with the meat.  The good thing about homemade fajitas is that your choices are limitless.  Do you feel like shrimp, chicken, or steak tonight?  I am a steak guy but have been known to polish off some left-over chicken or shrimp fajitas.

If you are going to go the steak routine, any cut of meat will work but I prefer flank steak.  Flank steak can be purchased cheap because it is tough to chew but is perfect for homemade fajitas.  The meat used for making fajitas is usually marinated so this tenderizes the flank steak.  If you are a deer hunter, you should be, venison flank steak is also a perfect candidate for homemade fajitas.

Venison flank steak

To marinate the meat, I like to go simple.  There are many fajita mixes that can be purchased at the grocery store but I prefer a simple pack of taco seasoning and olive oil for my mixture.  To make my homemade fajita marinade, simply cut up the protein (except for shrimp) into bite-sized pieces and put them in a bowl.

Bite-sized pieces

Once the meat is in the bowl, pour olive oil over the meat and then add a half pack of taco seasoning.  Close the bowl and mix up the contents until everything is mixed.  Stick the mixture in the fridge and let it sit for at least 8 hours.

Simple fajita marinade

The second part of making homemade fajitas is the veggies and cheese.  Again, the beauty of homemade fajitas is you can choose whatever types of veggies or cheese you prefer.  I am a big fan of green peppers, red peppers, onions, mushrooms and regular shredded american cheese but to each their own.  Kidney beans, black beans, black olives, bacon... basically any item is fair game for homemade fajitas.  Sprinkle some chili powder over your veggies and they are ready for fajitas.

Peppers and onions for homemade fajitas

I prefer to cook my homemade fajitas on the grill but they can also be made in a pan indoors.  If you are cooking your fajitas indoors, put the protein in one pan and the veggies in the other.  Add some olive oil to both pans and cook until the meat hits the right temp and the veggies start to brown up and soften.

To cook homemade fajitas on the grill, wrap the protein and veggies separately with aluminum foil.  Add the veggies first because they will take longer and then put on the protein after a couple of minutes of the veggies cooking.

Cooking fajitas on the grill

Let the two packages cook for five minutes on each side.  Once the packages have cooked for ten minutes, open them up to see how they are doing.  Continue to cook them until they are to your liking.  Serve with shredded cheese in fajita shells and you will be saying these are better than the restaurant version.


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