Cooking venison tenderloin

Cooking venison tenderloin is to a hunter what baking a cake is to the rest of the public. If you are eating a cake, you are probably celebrating something.  If you are eating venison tenderloin, you are celebrating a successful hunt.

The first thing I do after I have a deer hanging is to cut out the venison tenderloins.  I do this for two reasons. For one, they are the best tasting cut of meat.  For two, it is very important to cut them out as soon as possible or they will dry out.

Removing the venison tenderloins is a very simple task.  You can remove the loins without doing much work.  The tenderloins are located behind the guts(which should already be removed) next to the spine.  Simply cut them out, wash them and you are ready for a mouth watering meal. 

After removing the venison tenderloin, you can freeze it for a later date or get it ready for dinner that night or for breakfast.  I know some people that prefer to freeze any meat taken in the field but I have enjoyed many meals of fresh fish or tenderloin that was taken the same day.

There are many recipes to prepare venison tenderloin.  Hunters wrap their tenderloins in bacon, marinate them or simply cook them in butter.  To cook my venison tenderloin, I like to go as simple as possible.  Like my dad likes to say... How can you ruin the taste of the meat with all that extra stuff?

I like to cook my venison tenderloin on the grill or in a pan.  I put some butter and salt on the tenderloin then wrap it in tinfoil to cook on the grill.  Venison tenderloin is the best when it is cooked medium to medium rare so make sure not to overcook it.

To cook in a pan, preheat a pan on medium heat, throw in some butter and the tenderloin and cook for 5-7 minutes on each side.  Pull the meat out and let it sit for a couple minutes before slicing it.  Serve with some potatoes or green beans out of the garden and you are eating a home-grown treat.


Believe it or not, some hunters do not know about these tasty treats.  Do not make their same mistake.  If you get a deer this year, make sure to cut out and cook the tenderloins.  You will be glad you did.

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