Roasted tomatoes

A lady at my work recently shared her home-made roasted tomato recipe with me and it is too good not to share.  Before I tried this recipe, I really didn't care for the taste of tomatoes but after trying this recipe, I can eat a whole batch of roasted tomatoes in one sitting.

Roasted tomatoes taste great by themselves or they can be mixed in with chili, spaghetti, or salsa.  The process of roasting tomatoes only takes about forty five minutes from start to finish (twenty five minutes to cook another 10-20 to prep the tomatoes).  Roasted tomatoes are good fresh or can be frozen to be thawed out for a winter treat.

If you have a bunch of tomatoes and are looking for a great tasting, simple way to process them, try roasting them by using the following method.

Using this method, the only thing you need to roast tomatoes is a stove and a raised pan.  The only ingredients required are tomatoes, oil, basil, garlic, salt.  I prefer to use Roma or similar style tomatoes but any type will do.

The first step in making roasted tomatoes is preparing the tomatoes.  If you are using Roma or grape tomatoes, slice them in half.  After the tomatoes are cut in half, use your thumb or a knife to take out the guts and seeds.  You want to make sure only the meaty part of the tomato is left for roasting.  Your oven should be turned on to 350 during this step to make sure it is ready for when the prep-work is finished.

Take out the white part and the seeds

Once all the tomatoes are cut up, put them all in a big mixing bowl.  Once the tomatoes are in the bowl, add a tablespoon each of basil, olive oil and garlic for every three cups of tomatoes.  Make sure to play around with this combination until you find the right mix for your taste.  Mix everything together and then spread them out on the pan.

Ready for the oven

Once the oven reaches 350 degrees, put the pan in and let the tomatoes cook for twenty minutes.  After twenty minutes, turn the oven off and turn on the broiler and put the tomatoes under it.  The broiler is key to give your tomatoes that roasted flavor.  Once the tomatoes are cooked to your liking ( I prefer that each tomato has a blackened look to it), pull them out, salt to taste and you are ready to eat.

Try this recipe next time you want to make chili or pasta... you will find this roasted tomato recipe is a simple way to give your dishes that gourmet touch.


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