Processing tomatoes

This summer has been a perfect one for tomato growing.  The spring was cool but then the heat came on and kept coming.  I didn't really care for the heat but my garden did.  My tomatoes grew awesome and are still going thanks to the mild fall we have had so far.  It is almost October 10th and I still have tomatoes ripening.

Having a bunch of tomatoes is a good thing but what does a person do when they cannot keep up with the daily barrage of them?  Giving some away always works but most people will want to save some for their own consumption down the road. 

Tomato plants in June
One days haul

I was definitely in the over-loaded tomato boat.  I worked hard for my crop so I wanted to reward myself and my family by finding different ways to use tomatoes.  I am not a fan of wasting anything so I knew I needed to start processing my tomatoes.

Luckily for me, I know a lot of people that are good at living off the land.  One good thing about growing up in the thumb is that you meet a lot of people that have learned to adapt in the shadow of a big city.  In the thumb, you simply cannot drive a mile down the road to a shopping mart to buy what you need.  When you need something in the country, you either drive 45 minutes to get it or you do it yourself.

Raising chickens, farming, processing tomatoes... thumbillies know what they are doing.  Once I knew I needed to start processing my tomatoes, I started asking everybody I knew.  By using what I learned, I have almost used up all of my tomatoes from the bumper crop of 2011.

Below, I have listed all of the ways that I have processed tomatoes in the past month.  During the next month, you can look forward to individual articles describing each process in detail.


Roasting Tomatoes

Home-made pasta sauce

Tomato paste


Ripening tomatoes- Doesn't have to do with processing but important for a successful crop.


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