Homemade tomato paste

Late October is the perfect time to turn those mushy tomatoes you worked so hard for in to homemade tomato paste.  Tomato paste is one of the most versatile things you can cook with.  Home made tomato paste tastes great in chili, spaghetti or even spread over a cracker with some basil or cheese.

If you have mushy tomatoes that you are about to toss, do not do it.  Save them and make homemade tomato paste.  You will be happy you did.  Check out this article about my first attempt making home made tomato paste.

It seems like yesterday my daughter and I were planting tomatoes.  Fast forward a couple months and the tomatoes that we worked so hard for were barely hanging on.  We thought it would be a shame to throw out perfectly good tomatoes... there had to be something we could do with them.

I started researching the Internet to find a recipe for mushy tomatoes.  I am glad I didn't toss them out because I stumbled upon an easy recipe for tomato paste.  Click here to read the same article.

Making tomato paste is really quite simple.  All you need is a pan, blender, a stove, basil, olive oil, and some tomatoes.

The first step in making homemade tomato paste is blending the tomatoes.  To do this, simply toss some tomatoes into a blender and mix them up until they look like a thick paste.  I didn't separate the seeds on my first attempt but will the next time I make the paste.

The second step is to place the mixture into a sauce pan and heat on high until the paste comes to a boil.  When the mixture is boiling, you will notice water separating from the paste.  Let the mixture cook for three or four minutes to make sure most of the water has separated.

Home made tomato paste separating

After a couple minutes, remove the home made tomato paste and put it in a strainer with a paper towel in the bottom.  Put the strainer over another sauce pan and put it in the refrigerator.  The mixture should be allowed to sit over night to allow for the rest of the water to separate from the paste.

Before the tomato paste goes in the fridge

The original article called for some other type of material but a paper towel works just as good for me.  The idea behind the paper towel is to make sure that you don't lose any of the homemade tomato paste as the water and tomato juice is dripping to the bottom pan.

Tomato paste after a night of separating.

Once the home made tomato paste has drained over-night, remove it and let it come back to room temperature.  Once the mixture hits room temp, mix in salt to taste, then put it in the oven at 225 degrees for 25 minutes to dry it out.  After the mixture has dried to your liking, put it in freezer baggies to freeze or in a jar with olive oil for spreading over crackers or on bread.

Final product... tasty!

Please try this recipe the next time you have mushy tomatoes or want to surprise somebody with a gourmet treat.  If you offer some of your home made tomato paste to your significant other on a cracker, trust me...they will be impressed with your culinary skills.


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