Fishing in Detroit

I was watching the news tonight and saw a report that the unemployment rate is 12 percent in Metro Detroit and almost 30 percent in Detroit proper.  Those are some pretty somber stats to say the least.  However, living in Detroit isn't all bad.  At least the fishing in Detroit is good....

A lot of people do not realize but if you live in the Metro Detroit region, you are minutes away from just about any type of fishing you want to do.  If trolling is your game, you could go to Lake Saint Clair and troll for walleye or muskies.  Trolling not your thing? You could go to the Detroit river or St. Clair river and jig for those same muskie and walleye.

Feel like chasing some panfish?  Oakland county has numerous small lakes for chasing gills or crappie.  One of the top lakes for Detroit crappie is Stoney Creek Metro Park in Washington Township.  Anglers catch trophy size crappie in Stoney Creek during last ice and into early spring.  The largemouth bass fishing is also good in the early season.

Another lake for panfish is Lake Saint Clair.  Everybody knows you can catch big gills on Lake Saint Clair but most people do not realize that the crappie bite is good in the spring and last ice.  These times of the year are outstanding for crappie and gills in most of the marinas at the north end of the lake. 

If fishing in Detroit for panfish is too boring for you, why not chase one of the best cold water fighting fish out there?  Lake Saint Clair is one of the best smallmouth lakes in the world.  The smallmouth are huge on the lake and these bad boys put up quite the fight.

If you don't have a boat, do not worry.  While fishing in Detroit, shore anglers can target the second hardest fighting fish in Detroit... the steelhead.  The steelhead is another fish that flies under most people's radars while fishing in Detroit.

While most anglers are thinking about last ice perch or spring walleye, smart anglers are out targeting steelhead on the Clinton river.  If you are lucky enough to time it right, you could have some smoked steelhead while jigging for walleye on the rivers.

Speaking of last ice perch, ice fishing is also productive in the Metro Detroit area.  If the winter is right, Lake Erie has been know to give up some monster perch around Erie Metro Park and other areas.  Anglers can also target perch on Lake Saint Clair plus many of the marinas that lead into the St. Clair or Detroit rivers.  Most people do not think of fishing the marinas but they can actually be very productive if the ice is thick enough to fish.

If the economy is getting you down, get out and do some fishing in Detroit.  You will realize this area isn't as bad as you thought.  You might even come back with some food.

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