Home-made sloppy joes

If you are in the mood for some great tasting sloppy joes, forget about the manwich or other sloppy joe mixes and try this recipe out.  I learned how to make this home-made sloppy joe recipe in college and it is still my favorite way to prepare them.

This recipe is cheap and easy to prepare.  If you have access to venison (you better if you are a true metro pioneer), this meal can be made for the whole family for under a couple bucks.  All you need to make this home-made sloppy joe recipe is mustard, ketchup and a pound of meat of your choice.

Home-made sloppy joes with venison
The first step in making home-made sloppy joes is to brown the meat.  Once the meat is done, add a half cup of mustard and two cups of ketchup.  Mix in the ketchup and mustard and let the meat sizzle in the pan for a couple minutes.

Once the meat has cooked for a while, the sauces will start to caramelize.  Once this happens, taste the mixture and add more ketchup or mustard according to your taste.

I don't actually measure my ketchup or mustard out but you might want to your first time.  You can also throw in some brown sugar or other spices to change up the recipe if you want a change.

Another trick is to make home-made sloppy joes when your bottle of ketchup is almost empty.  When it comes time to add the ketchup, put some water in the ketchup bottle, shake it up and then pour it in to the meat.  You will have runny ketchup at first but the water will run off as the meat cooks.  Every last bit of ketchup will be used. This may sound like pinching pennies but every little bit helps. 

Next time you take out some meat for a meal, try this home-made sloppy joe recipe.  It doesn't matter if you use regular burger, turkey burger or venison.  They all taste great!

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