Great Salsa Recipe

If you like salsa, you need to try making some from scratch.  Making your own salsa is cheap, tasty and most importantly fun.  Another positive of making your own salsa is that you know what is going into it because you made it.

A great salsa recipe from scratch will blow any store-bought version away.  If you are interested in making your own salsa, try this great salsa recipe my dad shared with me.  Once you try this one, experiment with other veggies and spices to put your own personal touch on a salsa classic. 

I do need to warn you though.  Having a great salsa recipe does have its consequences.  Every new person that tries your salsa will be beating down your door to get the recipe... hopefully you have spare time to answer all those emails and texts.

The first step in making great salsa is starting with fresh produce.  I grew most of the veggies that were used in the following demonstration but local farmer's markets are a good choice for those of you that don't have green thumbs or the time to garden.

Once you have secured your produce, it is time to get to work.  Here are the ingredients that go into my dad's great salsa recipe.

5-7 medium sized tomatoes-- cut the top off the tomato, squeeze the guts out including the seeds... leaving the meaty part of the tomato and the skin.
one half lime
salt and pepper to taste
one tablespoon of white vinegar
three tablespoons of ketchup
half of a cup of chopped onion
chopped jalapeno to taste (start with one- go from there)
one quarter cup chopped cilantro
one tablespoon of olive oil
basil and oregano to taste
one clove of garlic-chopped

Once all the ingredients are assembled, combine them in a blender or food processor.  Blend the ingredients until you are satisfied with the salsa.  The longer you blend, the less chunky the salsa becomes.  I find hitting pulse on my blender three or four times is good enough for me but to each their own.

Once the salsa is mixed, pour it back into a bowl for refrigeration.  It is a good idea to refrigerate the salsa at least for three or four hours before trying it.  This gives the flavors time to meld together making the perfect salsa.

Once the salsa has sat for a couple hours, take it out and try your salsa concoction.  If you like what you have, leave it.  If you don't, fine tweak the salsa with any of the ingredients until you find the right taste.  I find that a shot of salt or cilantro will usually do the trick.

That was my dad's recipe but if anybody else has any please feel free to share them... Enjoy!

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