Walleye cheeks

Walleye is one of the best tasting fish that swim in the Great Lakes.  Every year, millions of anglers target this tasty fish hoping to bring home a walleye dinner.  Walleye fillets are good no matter how they are cooked.

Everybody knows that the fillets of a walleye are good but most people do not know about walleye cheeks.  Believe it or not, walleye cheeks are a real treat.  Walleye cheeks are the country boys version of a scallop.

The bigger the fish the better the walleye cheek.  Most walleye cheek connoisseurs don't mess with anything under 20 inches.  The smaller fish do not have enough meat to make it worth your while.

Fillet out the cheek
Skin the cheek and save
Walleye cheeks are easy to cut out.  Take your knife and simply cut out the cheek.  It will take an attempt or two to realize how deep the meat goes down. 

A tip that a lot of old-timers use is to sharpen one side of a spoon.  Once the spoon is sharpened, simply push it around the cheek to get out the meat.  Collect the cheeks in a zip-lok bag until you have enough for a meal or appetizer.

Walleye cheeks are easy to prepare.  Pre-heat a pan, throw in some butter until it melts and then add the walleye cheeks.  Cook the cheeks, flipping once, until they are golden brown. 


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