Map of Lake Saint Clair

When I first started fishing in Metro Detroit, I looked high and low for a map of Lake Saint Clair.  I had purchased a hot spots Lake Saint Clair map from a local bait shop but could not find an on-line version.  Luckily, I eventually found two sites that I liked.

The first is called the MarineCruiser and is my favorite of the two.  The map is awesome because it shows depths and also hot-spots on Lake Saint Clair and the Saint Clair River.  The MarineCruiser website is user-friendly and has helped me find quite a few fishing spots for the soft and hard water.

Before I go fishing, I always study the map to try a new spot or two for when I am on the water.  Once I find a new spot, I simply plug the coordinates into my GPS and I am good to go.  I owe a lot of what I have learned about Lake Saint Clair to the MarineCruiser website.

The second map of Lake Saint Clair is an overhead view of the Lake taken by a satellite.  This map, along with others of the Great Lakes, can be found on the NOAA website.  The map of Lake Saint Clair can be found under the Lake Erie Modis Great Lakes Imagery page.

This map is helpful because it shows the conditions of the Lake from above.  By clicking on one of the views of the Lake, anglers not only can check out water conditions but also can see how well the lake is frozen.  I never venture out on the ice before checking this map.  This map is also a must for me during the early walleye season.  If I see ice flowing down the lake, I'm not going fishing.

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