The best fishing magazines

Five years ago, fishing and hunting were the last things on my mind.  I would rather play a video game or watch a movie than go out hunting or fishing.  Now, I wake up at 4:30 in the morning on the weekends to get a chance to go out and hunt or fish.  Things have definitely changed...

Growing up, most of my family members loved hunting and fishing but the allure of chasing wild game never appealed to me.  I don't know why I suddenly took a liking to hunting and fishing but I am glad I did.  I still remember the deer camp that I decided to enter the woods with a gun instead of being the cabin boy.  I found something in the woods that weekend that hooked me on being a sportsman for life.

Once I decided I wanted to be a sportsman, I started to gather as much information about being one that I could.  I slowly started improving my knowledge base by talking with friends and family plus the help of a couple of good magazines.  I am now confident every time I take the field in pursuit of wild game.  I don't always catch fish or get a deer but that is why they call it hunting and fishing and not harvesting.

If you are interested in improving your skills, I have put together a list of the best fishing magazines.  These magazines have helped me out tremendously... hopefully they can help you as well.

The best fishing magazines

The first magazine on my list is the North American Fisherman.  This magazine not only covers the basics of fishing but also covers advanced techniques for the serious angler.  North American Fisherman is the largest multi-species, freshwater publication in the marketplace.  I look forward to reading this magazine each month to learn about all the new techniques covered in each magazine.

The second magazine is In-Fisherman magazine.  This magazine only come out every couple of months but is a tremendous resource for the modern angler.  In-Fisherman contains a lot of cutting edge info on new fishing techniques along with covering how to fish for all of the popular species.  I like to read this magazine to learn how people catch fish all over the country and usually pick up tips that help me on my local water.  I strongly recommend this magazine to anybody starting out in the fishing world.

The third magazine that I read is a local in my area called Woods and Water.  I read this magazine to learn about all the different hunting and fishing that is going on in my state of Michigan.  This magazine doesn't cover as many tactics and techniques as the previous two but is my favorite because every topic has to do with activities around me.  If you live in Michigan and consider yourself a sportsman, Woods and Water magazine is a must read.

That concludes my list of the best fishing magazines...Have fun reading.

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