Enjoying a sunset or sunrise

Over time, man has created many things to entertain the masses.  We went from watching people fight animals and barbarians to people fighting each other in the ring and on the field.  People were addicted to the Opera, then movies, then radio, then TV, then video games and now smart phones.  Things have changed a lot over the years but one of the original forms of entertainment has not... a good ole fashioned sunset.

People have been enjoying sunsets and sunrises from the beginning of time.  Pictures of sunsets and sunrises have been found in some of the earliest drawings.  A sunset or sunrise was the original show stopper. 

You don't need to buy a ticket or a plasma TV to enjoy a sunset or sunrise.  Sunsets can be appreciated by the young and old alike. I hooked my daughter on the beauty of a good sunset by showing her one of the better displays one night. Ever since then, she insists on staying up so she can see "the sky turn pink daddy".

Unfortunately, the only way to witness a sunset is to get outside and witness one. Tonight, turn off the TV, crack a cold beverage and reintroduce yourself to nature. You and your love ones will be glad you did.

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