Cleaning fish in the summer

Fishing during the summer months is one of life's pleasures. In my book, it doesn't get much better than sitting in a boat experiencing some fun in the sun. Tans and fish sandwiches... life doesn't get much better than that.

Fishing in the summer is definitely fun but what do you do with your catch? Cleaning fish in the summer is just like cleaning them in the other months but takes a little more work.

The first step to cleaning fish in the summer is on the water. Anglers should have a cooler with ice to keep the fish fresh until they hit the fillet board. Dead fish and high temperatures do not mix. If your boat is big enough or you have the time, filleting fish on-board is always an option.

Once you get your catch home, immediately process it for the refrigerator or freezer. If you have a spare refrigerator or accepting wife, you can wrap the fish in paper and throw it in the fridge for the next day but I wouldn't recommend it.

After the fish have been processed, what do you do with the guts? If you live in the country, you can take care of them thumbilly style but what do you do if you live in the city?  You could simply toss them in the trash can but that won't turn out good for you or the trash man.

I learned a simple trick after finding out the hard way that fish guts and trash cans don't mix.  I put the remains in a plastic bag and throw them in the freezer until it is trash day.  I then take them out the morning of trash day.  The smell never becomes an issue.

A successful day

Try these simple tricks the next time you find yourself with fish during the summer.  These tips don't sound like much but can be the difference in getting another fishing trip endorsed by the wife and sitting at home,cleaning the trash can.

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