Creating a vegetable garden

Check out how I created one of my vegetable gardens.  I was planning on boxing it in with wood to make a raised garden but with all the rain we received this spring (plus the fishing) that will have to wait until next year.

The most important things to remember when creating a vegetable garden is how the sun hits your yard.  Before starting your vegetable garden, spend some time in your yard.  Make sure to check out which areas of your yard get sun at what times.  Once you have gathered this data, plan your vegetable gardens accordingly.

Sun loving plants (tomatoes and peppers) like as much sun as they can get.  A good location for these plants is normally on the west side of your house.  However, some plants thrive on only five or six hours of sun (lettuce).  The east side of your house is usually a good spot for a lettuce vegetable garden.  Each house is different so scout yours out before breaking ground.

Pick out a good location that fits in with your plan.  I am trying to incorporate my veggies into my landscape.

Take a shovel and dig into the ground to form the border of your vegetable garden.

Start removing chunks of sod.  You can remove your sod or turn it into usable dirt.  If you have a spare area, stack the sod in a pile so no grass shows.  As long as the pile gets water, it will compost down into mostly usable dirt.

Bring a helper along to look for worms or grubs for fishing

The hard work will pay off

Fill in the area with good soil and you have a vegetable garden. 

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