The tradition of a family garden

There is nothing better than sitting down to a meal out of your own garden.  My parents make a dinner of fresh green beans, red potatoes and bacon that cannot be beat by any four star restaurant.  Add in fresh corn on the cob and you are in heaven.

For some reason, all food tastes better when you grow it yourself.  Maybe it is the hard work or maybe it is the lack of chemicals.  Whatever the reason is, food out of your garden just tastes better.

This is one of the reasons I have wanted to start a garden.  Growing a garden can be one of the most rewarding things a family can do.  From starting seeds in your house, to harvesting your crop, gardening is a fun experience for kids and adults to share.  Having a garden is great, not only do you get to accomplish something as a family but you get to reap the rewards of your labor by enjoying fresh fruits and vegetables in the fall.  

Growing up, my family had a garden every year.  My brother and I helped plant, weed, water and harvest the crops.  At the time, we might not have thought we were having fun but I still remember some of the times we spent in the dirt.  Eating peas straight from the plant, picking pumpkins to carve for Halloween, harvesting strawberries, selling corn in town.  These are experiences we need to pass down to future generations.

Three generations of farmers

I am excited to start passing down what I learned from my parents about gardening.  I have enlisted the help of my daughter and 2011 is going to be the year of our first garden.  My daughter is at the perfect age to start gardening.  She is too young to know what she is getting into but old enough to help me out.  I have already taught her how to use a shovel, rake and plant seeds.  I hope she will grow to love gardening and being in the outdoors as much as I do. 

Join us as we grow our garden this year.  We have already scoped out an area to plant our garden, picked out the vegetables we are going to plant and have even started some of them in a container in the basement.  We know we are in for a lot of hard work but we are waiting anxiously for the weather to warm so we can get out and get started.

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