Remembering why you live in Michigan

It seems like everything is going up in price these days... gas prices, food prices, even the water bill.  Michigan residents are faced with tough times but at least one thing is still free.  We still our blessed with the beauty of nature in this great state. 

Living in Michigan is definitely harder than it was during the automotive days.  There are less good paying jobs, factories are closing all around us, and we have even resorted to importing trash for cash.  We cannot afford some of the luxuries that we indulged in before.

Although things may be tough, it can get better.  We still have the things that brought people here before the assembly line... nature.  Michigan was a destination state before the autos came to town and it can be again.  The pioneers were amazed when they set foot on this great land.  Imagine how awesome it would have been standing on the banks of the mighty Detroit river looking out over thousands of trees hauling in fish for dinner.  We can still do that, only the trees have turned into skyscrapers.

We need to realize we still have the things that attracted people here hundreds of years ago.  We still have the Great Lakes, thousands of acres of trees, awesome sunsets, great soil for planting, abundant wildlife and hardworking people.  Michigan residents need to stop worrying about how many people have left the city of Detroit, or even the state, and start realizing they still live in a great place.  We can plant gardens, cook for ourselves, change our own oil.  We can become self sufficient again.

The next time you find yourself complaining about Michigan, get out and enjoy nature... you may find out you have more than you thought you did. 

Check out some pics of beautiful Michigan sunsets I have experienced

Sunset on Fletchers Pond

Another Michigan sunset

Walking off the ice one night

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