Freezing fish in water

Have you ever had the urge for a fish fry only to pull out your catch and have it be freezer burned?  This used to happen to me until I learned a simple trick.  Freezing your fish with water will make the fish last longer and not get freezer burned.

The days catch ready for the freezer

This is also helpful when catching small fish like perch or bluegills.  I primarily fish for perch and don't always bring home a limit.  Instead of having a bunch of different frozen baggies, I keep adding to the same one.  I will combine my days catch with water in a small sandwich bag and let it freeze.  The next time I bring home fish, I will add another layer.  Once the bag is full, I will combine it with an actual freezer bag.

I like freezing my fish this way.  It doesn't matter if I am cooking a fish sandwich or for a big group.  I can always pull out the right amount.

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