Thumbilly ice fishing camp 2011

A couple of years ago, my brother and a couple of cousins decided to save money and go ice fishing for their college spring break.  They had a great time fishing and enjoying cocktails on the ice.  Six years later, this weekend trip has turned into an annual tradition.

One of the Fletcher pond pike
The 2011 camp brought twelve thumbillies to Fletcher pond in Hillman, Michigan.  We stayed at Jack's Landing resort and had an awesome time.  We were targeting pike and bluegills and hoped the warmer temperatures we were having would have the pike cruising.  The wind was really nasty the first day but we were in shanties so it didn't really bother us.

Highlights from the trip included a random country rapping old guy we met at the bar.  Hilarious phone calls from an over-served cousin from Wisconsin and a couple of crew members catching their first fish.

The fishing was better than previous trips but was average for Fletchers.  As a group, we caught ten pike and a bunch of panfish.  The pike were all around the 22-24 range so most had to go back in the water.  We didn't hammer the fish but a fun time was had by all.  We enjoyed catching a couple of fish, drinking a couple adult beverages and reconnecting with some old friends.

If you haven't experienced a fish camp or hunting camp, you should definitely try it.  Everybody should have this experience once in their life.  The pursuit of wild game is fun but the memories the group builds together is where the real fun is at.

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