Swamp donkey delight

This article was written by my cousin Butter who is currently in college... he has been hunting since he has been able to walk and has never worried about running out of venison.

December is one of the greatest times of the year. A sportsman can enjoy Christmas and dinners with the family but partying is not the only thing going on... late doe season is in full swing. 

The author with a swamp donkey

QDM is becoming more and more popular these days and there is no better time to get after it than late doe season. The does are all grouped together and if you get lucky enough to find a spot were they herd up for the winter, you have it made.  

Once you find out where the does are feeding, you have found your spot to hunt.  When you find a spot like this, it is like you are hunting the early season. I like to drive the back roads and find places were I have been seeing deer for a couple nights in a row.  Once I find a hot spot, I will set up on that field and hope to fill the freezer. 

I like to sit with my hunting buddy in a heated stand so we can be comfortable for hours.  I prefer to hunt with a partner this time of the year because the extra set of eyes help spot does plus your partner will come in handy when its time to drag and load your swamp donkeys.  Another reason I like to buddy up, is because most of the time you can shoot double does.

The author's brother with one of their double Whammy's

There is one bad aspect of hunting during late December, you have to be careful of bucks that have already lost their antlers. It’s pretty easy to distinguish the difference if they’re up close.  The bucks will be much larger than the does plus if you look close enough you can see the spots where their horns fell off.  If you have any doubts if a deer is a buck, please do not shoot... wait for a deer you know is a doe.  

Get out into the cold winter next year and slay some late season speed beef.

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