Lake Saint Clair January 9th 2011

I went out on another adventure this morning to try to get some perch on Lake Saint Clair.  I was up at the crack of dawn to get out to the lake and to enjoy the sun coming up.  I made my way out to a spot that I knew had some heavy weed cover and set up shop on the outside of the weeds.  I drilled four holes with my laser auger next to each other and knocked out the ice between the holes with my spud.

This was a lot of work and something I usually don't do.  I like to keep mobile while ice fishing but this trip was different. I wanted to give my perch spear a try.  Once my holes were set, I popped the top on my shanty and the action was about to start.

I was excited when I looked down the hole.  I could see the bottom of the lake and I usually have good luck when the lake is clear.  I had a lively minnow on one rod and a fire tiger jigging Rapala lure on the other rod.  I started seeing perch in the hole immediately but they were small.  I tried to play keep away with the small ones hoping to lure the big boys in.  I have had luck with this tactic before and I hoped that it would pay off again.

After playing with the small perch for about ten minutes some bigger fish started coming into my area.  I caught three or four aggressive six inch perch.  After throwing the perch back, I caught a nice one that came out of nowhere to smack the lure with the minnow offering.  I iced the keeper perch and put on another minnow hoping that the bite was going to be on.

Shortly after catching my first keeper, a nice perch came in to view that was staring at my jigging rap.  I had been raising the lure up 6 inches and slowly dropping it.  I jigged a couple more times and then the perch hit the bait.  I set the hook and pulled the nice fish up the hole.  I inspected the bait and put the offering back down the hole.

I saw hundreds of small perch and two largemouth bass over the next couple of hours along with six or seven nice perch that wouldn't commit to taking the bait.  It was a slow day but with the lake starting to finally clear up the fishing should only get better.

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Dude you look like you could use some sleep! lol Great article tho!

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