7 Reasons to try Ice Fishing

nice mess of gills

The Challenge
No two trips are the same when you are ice fishing.  The fish may be biting on an orange teardrop one day and a white Rapala jigging Rap the next.  One trip out you will have to jig erratically to bring in fish the other you cannot move your jig at all.  These are the reasons it is called fishing and not catching and this challenge keeps me coming back again and again.

The Exercise
I leave the quad at home if I am fishing a mile or less from shore.  I take pride in the fact that I can haul my shanty and everything that goes with it a mile out on a frozen lake and then drill hole after hole looking for fish.  This may sound like a lot of work but once you do it a couple of times and experience the feeling of walking on water, you will know what I am talking about.

The Camaraderie
Imagine seeing your daughter's eyes light up when she hauls in her first perch or your dad's smile when he pulls up a bluegill for the first time since he was a boy.  Ice fishing can be enjoyed with every group of people you hang out with.  You can enjoy a beverage with your best buds or coffee with your grandpa while jigging for fish.

The Solitude
You don't always have to go out as a group when you go fishing.  Some of my best memories on the ice have been by myself pulling in perch after perch.  I love getting on the ice early to experience the sun coming up in the morning.  You will not be able to take your eyes off of the sun coming up as you make your trek out to your spot.

The Cost
Ice fishing can be expensive if you get all of the new gadgets like electronics and power augers.  If you decide to go that route, it will still be less expensive than most other kinds of fishing.  The beauty of ice fishing is although these things will help your catch you don't have to have them to succeed.  You can get a really nice pole for under 20 bucks and catch all different kinds of fish on it.

The Vantage Point
Sight fishing is something that everybody has to experience once in their life.  I have been fishing on three feet of crystal clear water before staring at fish in my hole that looked like I was staring at a TV screen.  You can learn so much about how fish behave when you get to see them from this point of view it will help you become a better fisherman anytime of the year.

The Taste
I don't need to describe this one... go get some fish and add some potatoes and beer batter and figure it out for yourself.

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