My first deer with a bow Oct 2010

I entered my third bow season confident that 2010 would be the year that I would finally arrow a deer.  I gained a lot of experience the previous two years but had been using an older bow I didn't have much faith in.  I purchased a new Matthews solo cam bow in the spring and my confidence was at an all time high.

I don't get a lot of chances to get out in the woods but the weather forecast was calling for cooler temperatures so I decided to give it a try.  I settled into my stand later than normal that day but I felt good about the two hours I had left before sunset.  This was an early season hunt so I set up on a well traveled path leading from a wooded area to a feeding area.

I was not in my stand for more than five minutes before I heard some leaves crunching.  I slowly looked behind me and a button buck was right beneath my stand.  These types of close encounters are what hooked me on the sport of bow hunting.  I was hunting out of a 20 foot ladder stand and even though the deer was directly beneath me eating, he had no idea I was there.  The button buck was eventually met by two more fawns and then they made their way past me out to the grazing area.

I watched the small deer eat for awhile and then noticed two mature does coming down the same trail the button buck used earlier.  I had a doe tag in my pocket and entertained the thought of taking one if they came within range.  I wanted to shoot a buck but I knew the season was long and shooting a doe would increase my confidence if I encountered a bruiser during the rut.

The does ended up coming up the trail but turned behind me instead of following the path out to the field.  I stood up to try to get a shot but it wasn't the right angle so I sat slowly back down.  I then noticed another mature deer coming up the trail but what I heard next erased all ideas of taking a doe that night.  If seeing a deer from 5 yards away does not hook you on bow hunting, hearing a buck grunt at close range will.

After hearing the grunt I knew I had to be as still as possible because the buck was probably watching the deer move past me.  If they moved past me successfully and didn't spook, there would be a good chance the buck would come out to feed before dark.  The does moved out to the field to eat and then circled back behind me.

I sat still for the next hour without hearing anything.  Then, as my mind started to wander, three does approached me from my left.  As the deer were making their way out to the field, I looked behind me and saw a spike horn buck staring right at me.  I sat frozen as the spike stared me down.  I was hoping to myself that this wasn't the deer I heard before.  He looked at me for a couple minutes but decided to continue down the path along with another bigger bodied buck.  I could see at least four points on the bigger one and the body was a good size.  I decided if that buck crossed my path, I would take a shot.

This is when everything started moving fast and my pioneer instincts took over.  The deer were still about 30 yards from me when a bigger deer came out from behind a tree at 20 yards.  He was walking at a perfect angle for a shot and without thinking or getting nervous my body took over.  I stood up and drew back on him as he continued on his path towards the field.  I lined my pin up on his shoulder and grunted with my mouth.  As he looked back, I let the arrow fly.  The arrow made solid contact with his shoulder and I could see the arrow in the deer as he ran away.

After the shot, I sat for what felt like two hours but was more like 5 minutes trying to convince myself the deer was dead.  I couldn't take it anymore so I called my dad and he came out to track it with me.  We found the arrow covered in blood so I had a good feeling we would find the deer.  We tracked the blood for about 40 yards and found my five pointer dead in the field.

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forHuntersbyHunters said...

Nice blog. I like the layout. More importantly great job on the Buck. Maybe we can host some reads back and forth.our site is weak on fishing.

greg said...

thanks- I would be interested in that for sure...

forHuntersbyHunters said...

I can't find your contact info- mine is (I display it publicly on my site)

Mitchell Wood said...

The story of the first time always fascinating. Reading your post I remember the first time I went hunting

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