First Lake Saint Clair Perch Trip of the Year

I took my first perch trip of the year on Lake Saint Clair last weekend with my brother and cousin.  We didn't slam the perch but we kept a handful of keepers and had a lot of fun crammed in my dad's two man shanty.  The fishing was slow at first but we started to catch a couple jumbo perch once we fine tuned our presentations.

We decided to go to Geno's which is south of 16 mile on Jefferson because we heard the ice was solid and people had been catching some jumbo perch.  I usually try to find the area that has the clearest water when reading reports but this was first ice so I was more concerned with ice thickness.

When we arrived at the parking lot we were immediately pumped up because the attendant said they had been hammering the perch the last couple days.  We hoped he was telling the truth because we had already paid but as our luck usually goes we were there on the wrong day.

The water was murky and I never seem to have luck on that lake when the water isn't clear.  I had a feeling we weren't going to have a record day but hoped for the best.  I started with my trusty start-up presentation of a Rapala jigging rap on one pole and live minnow on the other.  I tried three or four different lures in the next two hours but could not seem to get a bite.  My cousin and brother were catching small perch here and there but I could not seem to get anything going.

After a couple of unsuccessful hours, I needed to change up what I was doing.  I decided to break out my trusty pole with a spring bobber.  I was hoping that adding the spring bobber to my presentation would help me detect the light bites that I was missing and I was right.  I immediately started seeing bites and started catching small perch.  The next two or three hours I caught small perch after small perch.

This outing is an example of why I am hooked on the challenge of ice fishing.  The perch weren't coming in thick that day but there were a few perch in the water and once we figured out what they wanted we had a little success and shared some good times.

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