Bow Hunting-- Practicing for the season

This is my routine I follow starting in the early summer to get ready for bow season...

The first couple of weeks are all about shooting over and over and over.  I like to get my muscles back in to shape by shooting at my target from about 15 yards as many times as possible during a session.  I will keep this up until I no longer feel muscle fatigue during a twenty minute session.  If I can't make it out to practice for two or three days, I will do 50 push-ups a night to make sure I don't lose any gains.

After my muscles are back into shape, i will start working on my distance.  I will gradually increase my range from 15 yards until I can consistently shoot at 25 to 30 yards without a problem.  I use a target with multiple circles on it so I can shoot at different areas so I don't ruin any arrows.

Once I feel confident with my range, I will start working on my stamina.  I will pull back on my target at different distances and then hold at full draw starting at thirty seconds and gradually increasing upwards to a couple of minutes.  When I can hold on the target for two to three minutes without my arms shaking, I know I am prepared for anything that comes at me.

The last thing that I will do to prepare for the season is to start visualizing the hunt by shooting from an elevated position.  This is the most important part because most bow hunters will see a deer below them and they won't bend at the hips and waist instead moving their arms to line up the deer and this throws their whole shot off.

I will try to get in to the hunt by practicing shooting at my target at different angles and distances using only one shot and trying to make it count.  The last time I practice, I will get into all of my hunting clothes and do one last practice run to make sure everything feels right.

If you follow this routine next spring, you will enter the field a more confident hunter and that might be the difference between a missed deer and backstraps.

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Unknown said...

Wow! This is a great routine, and I think I will try it next year if I can man up. Thanks for the blog, keep up the great job!

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