Cooking venison burgers on the grill

Nothing beats a good venison burger on the grill.  I process my own venison and do not cut it with any pork or bacon or anything like that.  I am sure that makes it taste better but I like the taste of it as is just fine.  My favorite way to eat it is right after the venison is processed and not frozen.  The taste is great.  Unfortunately, I get about two meals out of it before I have to freeze it.  The frozen stuff is still good but just not as good....  

Youth hunt success morning 2

Youth hunt night one was a success but there was still an unfilled tag in the group.  My 9 year old son still had his tag to fill.  I planned to process my daughter's spike by myself so I suggested to my son that we hold off for horns.  There was a rumor of an 8 point in velvet running around and the plan was to introduce him to my daughter's spike that was already hanging on the buck pole.   

Youth hunt success night 1

This past weekend I took both of my kids out for the youth hunt and it was a success.  My son is 9 and my daughter is 12.  For each of them, this was their first hunt.  We were hunting on private land in the northern part of the lower Peninsula of Michigan.  My father in-law would be sitting with my son and I would be sitting with my daughter.

Spring 2020 update

The Spring of 2020 is a strange one.  Most of the US is under a stay at home status trying to get rid of the coronavirus.  I have been working from home but also finding some time to refresh those Metro Pioneer skills.  

Metro Pioneer adventures 3/8/20

The Metro Pioneer is still alive and well.  I haven't been doing any blogging but I am still trying to live the lifestyle.  Hunting, fishing, gardening and recently I have taken up scrapping.  Scrapping fits in perfectly with my other passions and helps me make a little money on the side.  Living like a scrapper is awesome because it makes you always think about using something thrown out to re purpose or sell.  Here is an example from this weekend.

Bow hunting 2018 season

The bow hunting season of 2018 was a pretty good one for me.  I was able to get out five or six times and ended up shooting one doe.  I saw one nice buck but could not get a shot at him.  Even though I did not shoot a nice buck, I didn't miss or wound any animals.  That is a win in my book.  I was also able to learn some new things this year to apply to the 2019 season.

The Tradition of Deer Hunting in Michigan

The tradition of deer hunting in Michigan is very strong.  Michigan is one of the first states to have hunting and each year has more hunters than most other states.  My family has had a yearly deer hunt for as long as I can remember.  Even though I did not hunt when I was growing up, I still enjoyed going up to deer camp every year.  Now that I have a son, I look forward to bringing him up to deer camp for years to come.

Making horseradish sauce from scratch

This year I finally put the horseradish plants I planted a few years ago to use.  I made my own horseradish sauce from scratch!